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Adult Therapy

Therapy to help you manage anxiety, discover your strengths and overcome depression through creative expression.

Offering in-person and online adult therapy across New York and New Jersey.

Therapy As An Adult Can Help You

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Ease Anxiety

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Improve Relationships

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Rediscover Yourself

Untangle anxious thoughts and find clarity in the chaos

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Do you find yourself asking,

“Why does life seem like a never-ending struggle?”

“Will I ever feel like me again?”

“Why can’t I stop these racing thoughts?

Rediscover the joy in your days


Are You experiencing challenges such as:

Therapy can help you navigate and heal from:


In a world that always demands more, anxiety can feel like it’s taking over. You might find that your heart is racing in situations that shouldn’t be so hard, or you might have trouble sleeping because you can’t slow down your thoughts. Everyday things might make you feel on edge and make you more likely to have a panic attack. The stress caused by anxiety can also show up in the body as headaches, muscle aches, or other chronic physical symptoms. Remember, you’re not alone in this, and reaching out for help is a sign of strength.


Living with depression can feel like you’re under a heavy gray cloud, even on sunny days. Simple things, like getting out of bed or heading to work, suddenly feel like huge mountains to climb. Maybe you find yourself eating too much some days and not enough on others. It’s tough when you just don’t feel like ‘you’ anymore. Questions like “When will things feel normal again?” or “Will I ever get back to being me?” might be on repeat in your mind. It’s okay to feel this way. In therapy, we will walk with you, gently supporting and guiding you toward clarity and peace of mind.


Trauma shows up when you least expect it. It’s hard, especially when the world keeps moving and everyone expects you to keep up, but you’re still processing and healing on the inside. Sometimes, people lock the traumas away for a long time and a life transition can trigger them to rise to the surface. This may be confusing because you might have thought the trauma was gone. After all, it’s been dormant for so long – but anything that is buried will eventually rise to the surface. Remember that getting over a traumatic experience isn’t about forgetting what happened. Instead, it’s about finding ways to cope, heal, and move on at your own pace.

A Deeper Look Into Therapy

At Creative Arts Therapy Source, we understand that sometimes it’s hard to explain how you feel.

Art therapy offers you a unique canvas, allowing you to pour out feelings, even those you’re still trying to understand.

But we also know everyone’s journey is distinct. While art becomes a bridge for many, you might also benefit from talk therapy, mindfulness techniques, or EFT/Tapping therapy. Whatever you need, our approach is all about you. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a personalized path tailored just for your journey to self-awareness.

Here, you can explore, connect, and find that well-deserved sense of well-being and empowerment. We are glad you’re here.

How does creative arts therapy work?

Our therapy sessions are adapted to your specific situation, using the approach or approaches that best resonate with you.

Art Therapy

Art therapy for adults offers a transformative avenue for self-exploration and healing. In an ever-demanding world where words often fall short, this therapeutic approach provides you with a unique medium to express, process, and understand your emotions.

Art therapy can be very effective in conjunction with talk therapies, as it taps into the creative subconscious, allowing you to externalize and confront feelings that might be difficult to articulate verbally.

Through painting, drawing, sculpting, and other artistic modalities, we can shed light on hidden anxieties, traumas, or desires.

For many adults, art therapy becomes not just a tool for mental well-being but also a sanctuary of self-expression, empowering them to rediscover their voice, and find solace in the beauty of creation.

Sometimes talking through things in a neutral environment is just what you need! Talk therapy offers a safe environment in which you are free to explore your thoughts, challenges, and goals without fear of judgment or disappointment. In therapy, we provide effective tools and strategies to help you manage anxious thoughts, triggers, and behaviors so you can move forward with a greater sense of control.

EFT/Tapping combines ancient wisdom with modern psychology by gently tapping on certain meridian points while voicing your concerns and feelings, which is similar to acupuncture but doesn’t involve needles. It might sound a little strange, but many people have found relief from physical and emotional pain by doing this. EFT/Tapping is more than just a technique; it’s a conversation between your mind and body that aims to restore balance and peace. Whether you’re familiar with tapping or entirely new to the concept, this therapy is a blend of science and intuition designed to help you feel better.

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Why Work With Creative Arts Therapy Source

Janeen Chasan | Founder and Clinical Director | Licensed Creative Arts Therapist | Creative Arts Therapy Source | New York and New Jersey

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We provide therapy that is:

Janeen Chasan | Founder and Clinical Director | Licensed Creative Arts Therapist | Creative Arts Therapy Source | New York and New Jersey

Janeen Chasan



At Creative Arts Therapy Source, art isn’t just an activity; it’s a language that allows you to express your deepest emotions, fears, dreams, and hopes. Your artwork becomes a window that offers a comprehensive view into your pain, experiences, and the hopes you have for the future.

We want therapy to be a joyful, enlightening, and playful exploration where you are free to express yourself in a way that feels right to you. Talk therapy, with the support of art therapy, can help you uncover a new perspective.

We want to help you tell your story

Match With A Therapist


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How Our Therapy Works

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We Listen

Our first step is to truly hear you. Everyone has a unique story, and we want to hear what has brought you to therapy, and how we could help on your path forward.

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We Develop A Plan

Together, we’ll identify your therapeutic goals and tailor a plan with interventions that resonate with you. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but a personalized roadmap towards your well-being.

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We Help You Reach Your Goals

Therapy is a dynamic process. With regular sessions, we use art therapy and other psychotherapy modalities to guide you toward your goals. We’re here to support you on your journey toward lasting change.

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Positive Outcomes From Therapy

Every person is unique and comes to therapy with different needs. While we can’t guarantee specific results or a set timeline, we do know that with consistency, you may start to see improvements over time, such as:

Questions About Therapy

Does therapy really help?

Yes. Therapy can help you gain awareness of your triggers and develop tools to cope when triggered. Understanding what is causing you to feel anxious or depressed is the first step toward healing. Working with your therapist, you will begin to unpack what is causing your stress and overwhelm. Having a dedicated space and time to talk about what is on your heart and mind will help you organize confusion, release tension, and unburden you from heavy emotions.

Yes! You do not have to be a skilled artist to benefit from art therapy. Art therapy is a safe and non threatening way for you to organize and express overwhelming thoughts and feelings when words may fall short. Your trained art therapist will provide you with the most appropriate art media and directives to help you to meet your treatment goals. Our therapists use a combination of verbal psychotherapy and art therapy in each session, If you prefer more traditional talk therapy and don’t think art therapy is for you, that’s ok and our therapists will be able to provide 100% talk therapy.

No you don’t! We have a large collection of paper, pencils, paint, and any other supplies we may use during therapy.

Everyone’s situation is unique and we will work together to get to the source of what’s making you feel anxious and depressed. Any time we go through a life transition, we don’t feel like ourselves anymore. Transitions like starting a family; ending a relationship; finding a new career; loss of a loved one; and having to juggle a career and kids can all have a negative impact on our physical and mental health. Past traumas can also have a huge impact on the way you are currently feeling. Sometimes, people lock the traumas away for a long time and a life transition can trigger them to rise to the surface. This may be confusing because you might have thought the trauma was gone. After all, it’s been dormant for so long but anything that is buried will eventually rise to the surface. We will help you process and heal from past traumas.

Absolutely. Art therapy is a recognized form of treatment that’s beneficial for a range of conditions, from mild stress to severe depression and trauma.


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