Angie Yemma | Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist | Creative Arts Therapy Source | New York and New Jersey

Angie Yemma

Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist


Dance is the hidden language of the soul

- Martha Graham

Do you or your child express feeling disconnected and stuck in their body and life? Do you or your child feel like grief/loss, anxiety, and depression are taking over your life? As a dance/movement therapist I firmly believe that the body remembers your experiences and at times there are not words to express how you are feeling. I specialize in grief & loss, depression, and anxiety. At times we can notice that we are overwhelmed with our feelings and do not have the skills to feel grounded and able to process our emotions. I feel as if especially grief & loss can be waves of emotions at times and feel as if nobody else understands. This is where we can focus our work. Let’s work on building skills that you can use in your everyday life and how to move through your grief &loss, depression, and anxiety.

I take a strengths based and empowering approach to working with you. I incorporate dance/movement, mindfulness, creativeness, and talk therapy to help you build tools to improve your overall wellbeing. I believe in the power of movement and creative outlets to express your feelings, thoughts and desires. Join with me and let’s move together on your journey to processing what you’re feeling. What can you expect from our time together? You can expect to feel more grounded and centered in their own mind-body connection. You will feel supported, challenged, and guided through their own process.