What to Expect From Your Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Session

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Last time, we touched on the basics of Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). I’ll safely assume you were intrigued and curious to learn more. In the next three posts, we’ll dig in a little deeper on some specifics. For starters, let’s take a closer look at what your sessions will be like, particularly your first session.

After you’ve undergone assessment, preparation, and psycho-education, you are ready to start actual treatment. In this process, your sessions will be broken up into two categories. Three-hour ketamine sessions are when you take the lozenges. In between those sessions, you will meet your therapist for integration sessions.

Ketamine Sessions

The opening part of your session will involve taking vitals and making you relaxed and ready. What to expect for starters: Assuming a comfortable position. This may involve an eye mask, pillows and blankets, and mellow music. You’ll be instructed on the proper way to take the ketamine lozenges. Clients experiencing anxiety may first engage in grounding techniques. Once the Ketamine Kicks In You can expect the trance-like KAP state to last anywhere from 40 to 60 minutes. While it is typically pleasant, you may experience some akin to dissociation. This is part of the treatment. It’s normal to perceive changes in your thoughts, emotions, and even your motor skills. Imagine it as an inward journey. Before the ketamine is administered, you and your therapist may agree on what you’ll need as the trance wears off. Some people need space while might be ready to talk. The therapist accommodates these needs and, once you feel grounded back into the present moment, your vitals will be checked again. Keep in mind that some folks report feeling drowsy or dizzy for a couple of hours. Therefore, you should not drive and arrange to have someone help you get back home.

Integration Sessions

KAP is a unique, mystical experience. Your integration sessions are designed to address this reality. More like traditional talk therapy, integration is when you do the work to start harmonizing the KAP experience with your everyday life.

Integration sessions are not scripted or structured. It’s a freewheeling conversation based on your specific experiences and desires. Your therapist will encourage you to express what KAP felt like and how it’s altered your perceptions. You may also discuss steps you can take outside the therapy room, e.g.

  • Breathing exercises
  • Journaling
  • Mindful meditation
  • Bodywork and awareness (like yoga)
  • Taking on creative projects

How You Can Assist the Process

KAP is an interactive experience. As you move toward healing, you can dedicate time to what you’re feeling and processing. KAP is not a magic pill. It asks the client to participate in the recovery. Even when negative emotions arise, stick with them and allow yourself to push past them into a place of healing.

KAP is a fabulous blend of emotion and biology. It can offer rapid, sustainable results if you fully commit yourself to the treatment. Deep down, you know what you need in order to heal. KAP puts you in touch with this inner wisdom.

How Your Therapist Can Assist the Process

Like any experienced guide, your therapist has plenty of knowledge to share. They not only know how to administer KAP, but they also know about the mental issues that plague you. There is a collaborative vibe happening in that you are working alongside someone ready to impart their wisdom without stifling your particular perspective.

Like any form of therapy, KAP is not one-size-fits-all. It is an evolving reality. All throughout the treatment, there are shifts and adjustments made to make sure you are in the best possible position to recover and heal. Reach out to me soon to discover if Ketamine-Asssisted Therapy might be right for you.

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